Sun – Light and the Dark

Evening Close-up and Macro Photography

Close-up macro photograph of Tortula muralis moss with lettering written on top, framed in a black frame with big white mounting, against a wooden wall. A green exotic plant, books, and hyacinth flowers are seen on top of a sideboard beneath the frame. Sun - Light And The Dark.

Step into the enchanting world of ‘Spring – Fair Innocence’ A flowing gust of wind, enchanting colors and a slight peak in the ethereal.
From the delicate daisies of ‘Whispered Sweetness’ to the tranquil grasses of ‘Twilight Breeze,’ immerse yourself in the beauty of spring’s gentle embrace.

1 & 2. Whispered Sweetness –  In this fleeting moment, nature whispers its sweetest secrets, weaving a tale of delicate beauty and quiet grace.
3 & 4. Faintly Sweet – Ethereal beauty and a subtle sweetness. A testament to the transient moments of innocence and charm found in nature’s embrace.
5 & 6. Delicate Bliss – Bathed in the soft glow of twilight, these delicate blooms exude an aura of tranquility and grace.
7 & 8. Ephemera Twilight Whisper – Each blade of grass tells a story of resilience and grace, bathed in the ethereal glow of the setting sun.
9 & 10. Twilight Breeze – The gentle caress of the evening breeze sets the grasses dancing.
11 & 12. Twilight Elegance – Amidst a sea of grass blades, multiple Cardamine pratensis flowers unfurl their delicate petals, capturing the final golden kisses of the setting sun.
13 & 14. Midday Witness – As the midday sun casts its gentle glow upon a tapestry of delicate blooms, captures the serene beauty of nature elements.
15 & 16. Noonday Departure – A mesmerizing blend of colors hints at the departure of day, inviting us to embrace the magic of dusk.



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