Wig making

01.& 02. custom movie frontlace wig made for mr* Marc Rieke Atielier for hair and make-up Berlin.

Model: Velia

03. & 04. & 05 laid-on beard

Modelle: Stefan, Lars und Kevin

06. ventilated front lace wig, mustache, sideburns and chin beard for theatere. Watanabe no Tsuna.

Model: Tom W.

07. ventilated and glued long hair wig for theatere. Tsuchigumo Spider.

Model: Maria D.

08. transformation female to male character with bald cap, character make-up, partial wig, mustache, sideburns and eyebrow pieces for theatere.

Model: Marie G.

09. ventilated front lace wig and full beard for theatere. Warrior.

Model: Tom

10. foundation of a ventilated theatere front lace wig.


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