A close-up portrait of model Lea S, wearing a Biedermeier hairstyle and make-up inspired by the 1820s and 1830s. The hairstyle, created by hairstylist, make-up artist and photographer Anett Alexandra Bulano, features intricate curls, braids and specific details that perfectly evoke the elegance of the period.
An image showing Minamoto no Yorimitsu and Watanabe no Tsuna, two Japanese samurai, standing in a wheat field. Both are adorned in traditional Japanese attire and hairstyles, created by makeup artist Anett Alexandra Bulano to reflect the characters from the Tsuchigumo Sōshi folktale.
Half portrait of model Sophie E. showcasing a Princess Lamballe hairdo from the Rococo period. The model radiates elegance and grace, capturing the essence of the Georgian era with her angelic appearance. Hairstyling and makeup by Anett Alexandra Bulano; photography by Anett Alexandra Bulano.
Close-up portrait of model Lea S showcasing a Biedermeier-era hairstyle and period-accurate makeup from the 1820s-1830s. The hairstyle, executed by hairstylist, makeup artist, and photographer Anett Alexandra Bulano, features intricate curls, braids, and specific details, perfectly evoking the elegance of the era.
Close-up portrait of model Josephine H. showcasing a Victorian hairstyle with ringlets and curls, complemented by period-accurate makeup. Photographed by Anett Alexandra Bulano.
"Portrait of Lisa V. dressed in a romantic style with a chignon and a pearled central plait. Styled and photographed by Anett Alexandra Bulano.
Close-up of a model wearing a 1940s hairstyle and vintage make-up with waves, curls and papillots. The model exudes timeless elegance and embodies the glamour of the era.

Historical Hairstyling

01. Romantic Era / Early Victorian Era 1850 – 1860

Model: Lisa V.

02.  Turn of the Century / Eduardian Era / The Gay Nineties 1900-1910

Model: Sabine M.

03. & 12. Biedermeier Period 1820-1835 

Model: Lea S.

04. & 06. & 18. 1940s

Model: Elli S.

05. & 17. 1930s 

Model: Lena D.

07. 1960s

Model: Lissy P.

08. Ancient Roman Era 120 v.Chr.

Model: Teuta S.

09. & 13. & 16. Empire Period / Regency Period 1805-1810

Model: Hannah R.

10. Rococo Period / the Georgian Era- Princess Lamballe 1780-1810

Model: Sophie E.

11. & 15. Early Renaissance years 1420 – 1480

Model: Theresa T.

14. Old Egyptian Era – Ramses III. 1200 v. Chr.- 1150 v. Chr.

Model: Jakob H.

19. Baroque Era/ the Restoration Era 1680 – 1710

Model: Marie. S


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