Anett Bulano

graduate set designer (UAS) make-up artistry 

Even from the time I was a child, mythological creatures and their ability to transform never ceased to fascinate me.

The studies at the academy of fine arts in Dresden/Germany gave me the possibility to set free the creative side of myself
and to find my individual way of creating art.

With passion and fascination for beauty and the unusual I pursue my way as a make-up artist.

Only the ones who love their line of work, are able to create new art.


* HD make-up for film, TV, photo and green screen *
* character make-up for theatere *
* beauty make-up *
* airbrush make-up *
* bodypainting *

* modern and historical hairstyling *
* custom creation and styling of wigs and hairpieces *

* special effects appliances *
* mould making *
* mask making *
*  life body casting *

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